The Pennsylvania Academy of  the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania                2007-2011
        Fine Arts

Bucks County Community College, Newtown, Pennsylvania,                                      2006-2007
        Liberal Arts


2015, Chapel of Lies, Beaumont Warehouse, Art and Music Benefit Show, May 24
2015, Camden Garden Nights, Spring Festival, CITY INVINCIBLE Mural, The letter E, May 1
2014, The Regency Cafe, Lansdowne, PA, June 1
2014, The Sardine Bar, Philadelphia, PA, Month of May 
2013, Benefit Art and Music Show At The Voltage Lounge, Philadelphia, PA, March 30, 6pm-12am
2012-2013, Dock Street Brewery, 701 South 50th Street www.
2012,  Cafe Estelle, 444 North 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA  
2011,  The Annual Student Exhibition, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia , PA
2010,  The Annual Student Exhibition, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA 
2007,  Hicks Art Center, Bucks County Community College, Newtown, Pennsylvania


2016, Trump Beer Label for Dock Street Brewery, Watercolor Portrait
2016, Steak, Culinary Oil Painting, (8"x10")
2016, Great Dane Portrait, Oil on Canvas (8"x10")
2016, Dog Portrait on Mug, New items visit Shop
2016, Golden Labrador Portrait, Oil on Canvas, (5"x7")
2016, Dog Portrait, 2
2016, Dog Portrait on Shot Glass, New Item in Shop
2016, Boat Logo, The Big Daddy Catfish, Name and Illustration Design
2016, Cat Portrait, Oil on Canvas (5"x7")
2016, Great Dane Portrait (Bane), Oil on Canvas (8"x10")
2015, Cat Portrait, (Pi) Oil on Canvas, (5"x7")
2015 Dog Portrait with Natural Background, Watercolor, (8'x10')
2015, Dog Aboard Boat, Watercolor (8"x10")
2015, Black Labrador Portrait, Oil on Canvas (10"x 10")
2015, Architectural Drawing of House with Poem, + 5 Prints (8x10)
2015. Horse and Rider Portrait, Charcoal and Pencil on Paper (8x10)
2015. Sugar Shack Logo Design Located in Pittsburg New Hampshire
2015, Wu-tang inspired Beer Label Design, Dock Street Beer
2015, Pitbull Portait, Oil on Canvas (8 x 10)
2015, Cat Portrait, Black Cat, Watercolor (11 x 14)
2015, Dog Portrait, Yellow Lab Mix, Oil on Canvas (8x10)
2015, Cat Portrait, Thor, Oil on Canvas (14 x 13)
2015, Nino's Prickly Pear Label design, Beer Logo for Dock Street Beer
2015, Wedding Invitations, Original Watercolor Design
2015 Bridal Shower Invitations, Original Watercolor Design
2015, Flyer Design for Music Fest and Beer Run, 
2015, Tattoo Design, Wood Duck, 
2015, Kiley and Bailey, Dog Portraits, Oil on Canvas, (8in x 10in)
2015, The Little Prince, Reproduction Watercolor, (11in x 14in)
2014, Axl, Colonial Style Dog Portrait, Oil on Canvas, SLC, Utah
2014, Stare Cats Portrait, Media, PA
2014, firkin shark with a firkin laser attached to its head for Dock Street. 
2014, Tattoo Design, Mallard, Philadelphia, PA
2014, Dog Portrait, Quakertown, Pa 
2014, Labels for Dock Street brewery's new brew, Zombie Sailor
2014, Wedding Portrait, Pencil on Paper, (11" x 24") For Nevada Mease 
2014, Wooded Landscape, Oil on Canvas, (22" x 30") For Fred Mellon
2014, Willie Portrait, Oil on Canvas, (16 "x 20") For Demian Fenton
2013, Two Portraits, Oil on Canvas, for Jennifer Mellon Peterson
2013, T-shirt design, Architectural drawing of firehouse for The Old Dock Street Brewery​ 
2013, Oil Painting for Rosemarie Cierto, 8x10in Canine Portrait
2013, Oil Painting for Jessica Bond, 8x10in Canine Portrait
2013, Oil Painting For Kate Blackwell, 33 x40 reproduction/master copy of the Stara Tresnja by Sava Sumanovic. (1938)
2011, Oil Painting, House in Winter, for resident, West Chester, PA
2011, T-shirt logos for Musicians, Army of the Forks. Hello Cleveland
2010, Oil Painting, Robin and Dart, 11x14in painting of horse and trainer in Dressage attire. 
2009, Mural, Hideaway Beach Condominium, Underwater scene for children on wall size 29x9 ft.
2008, Portraits, Pencil drawings for Groveland Meadows, two 8x10in drawings of horse and rider.
2006, Drawings, Graduation Programs for class of 2006, Central Bucks High School West


Custom Ornament of Piaf for Kat Von D, See for more
Maybeline, Watercolor Portrait, Hound Dog, for Taryen Lovell, Philadelphia, PA
Carol Casa, Death, Grief Portraits, Oil on Canvas, Andes, NY
Sue Kunnanz, Empty Hallway, Oil on Canvas, Bismarck, ND
Betty Wilkinson, Cat Pooping Print, Millington, TN
Betsy Tekavac, Women on Train, Pastel Drawing, San Diego, CA
Tony McAley, Dragon in Space, Oil on Canvas, St. Louis, MO
Sue Kunnanz, Life Painting Study, Model, Portrait Painting 2010, Bismarck, ND
Sue Kunnanz, They Carried the Moose Man, Illustration, Bismarck, ND
Lore Elisabeth,Cat Pooping Print,Jenkintown,PA
Roman S. Leaning Angel Statue, Oil on Panel, Philadelphia, PA
Lisa Frenaye, Fox in Fall, Oil on Canvas, 2014, Lexington, Kentucky
When Venus Was in Orbit, Oil on Canvas, Family Portrait/ Landscape/Sunset, Sea Isle City, NJ
Cat Pooping Print, Nancy G Ford, Downers Grove, IL
Story Boy, Woodblock Print, Kristen Frame, Santa Ana, CA 
Women on Train, Pastel Drawing, Betsy Tekavec, San Diego, CA
Galactic Cats, Oil on Canvas (38" x 63") Dock Street Brewery, Philadelphia, Pa
Nford, Etsy Member, Cat Pooping, Print On Photo Luster Pro (6 x 6)
Angel Indelicato, Litter Box, Oil on Panel, West Philadephia, PA
Clare at Vintage Photos, Black Cat Looking Up, Oil on Panel, Arlington, MA
Arabella Reason, Calico Cat Resting, Charcoal Drawing, Cincinnati, Ohio​
Jeane M. Coyle, Calico on Asteriod, Oil on Canvas, Newtown, PA
Martin A. Coyle, Cave, Oil on Canvas, Newtown, PA
Victoria Aslan, Deer, Oil on Canvas, Philadelphia, PA
Miriam Delirium, X-ray, Brian Scans, Oil on Canvas, Philadelphia, PA
Kurandas Rainforest, Watercolor property portrait, Cairns, Australia
Mary and Fred Mellon, House in Winter, Oil on Canvas, West Chester, PA
James Scott Grant, Horse Statue, Bedminister, PA
Elizabeth Sharp, What Was Left of Her, Still Life, Oil on Canvas, Bensalem, PA
Matthew Janaitis, The New Zealand Monster, Oil on Canvas, West Chester, PA
Noah Adrien Lyons, A Man From Another Place, Oil on board, San Francisco, CA
 M.L. Kelly Wolfington, Oil Painting, Man, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Katie McCafferty, Piglet, Pitbull Portrait, Oil on Canvas, Philadelphia, PA
Susan Thomas, Oil Painting, Self A-float, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Stacy Fiechter, Oil Painting, Seaweed, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Margaret Foti, Oil Painting, Different Directions, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Derb, Woodcut print, Jaclyn and Pocket Change, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Roseanne and Tim Robinson, Pencil Portrait, Newtown, PA
Dorothea and John Mckenna, Cape May Bay Landscape, Oil on Canvas, New Jersey
David Devenney, 3 Textured Oil Paintings, Grass, Sand, Water, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Grace Williams, Oil Painting, Man with Cross, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Kim Harrar, Pencil Portraits, Belle, Plumsteadville, Pennsylvania
Trisha Grant, Addison and Rascal, Charcoal on Board, Bluebell, PA

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 Alexis Anne Grant
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