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Wedding Invitation 
Personalized Design
Oil on Canvas, 2015
Farm Wedding, 2015
The Little Prince, 2015
Reproduction with personalized quotation.
Watercolor, 15 x 18
Custom Architectural Drawing 
with Poem.
Original and Prints.
Venus in Orbit, 2014
Oil on Canvas
The Bone Church in Czech Republic, 
Oil on Canvas, 2014 (19in x 22in)
Line Drawing for T-Shirts
Dock Street Brewery
Reproduction of the Stara Tresnja by Sava Sumanovic. (1938) 
Master Copy, 2013 (40 in x 33 in) Oil on Canvas
Dragon in Space, 2013
Oil on Canvas, 
Employees Cats, 
Galactic Cats, 2013
Oil on Canvas
RIP Steve Jobs
Boy and HIs Dog, 2014
Oil on Canvas
(18 x 24)
Laocoon and Sons, 
Ink on Board NFS Prints Available etsy.com/shop/alexisannegrantart
Wedding Photograph, 2014
Pencil on Paper
Master Copy George Willoughby Maynard. The Sappho. Oil on Linen. A grieving poet. "Creativity can be lost without the inspiring force of love."
Architecture, 2012
Oil on Canvas
 (11 x 14)
Grief, 2011
Oil on Canvas